Vote for what you believe in

The Green Party has never had a hope of winning this election.  But we’rSNP logoe now a multi-party democracy with no one party likely to achieve a majority of seats, despite the   Plaid Cymru logo  biased impact of our first-past-the-post system.  Either the Tories or Labour will hold sway, but minor parties have a significant role to play in trying to limit extreme economic and other policies.  TheCoop party logo Green party does not have the people or the expertise to run the country, but should they get a seat at the table they haveGreen party logo a set of policies that might help limit the excesses of ideologically driven politicians and point the country in the right direction (or at least help bring a bad government down).

This election is the first where tactical voting will be counter-prTUSC logooductive.  We need to learn from the Liberal Democrat’s actions after the last election, when they betrayed their ‘tactical’ support base.  Hopefully one day a government will implement a meaningful proportional representation system so that the voters’ views are truly reflected in parliament.  But until then we should vote for the policies we believe in so that minor parties can at least throw the right spanner in the works (although not the Lib Dems, of course, since they don’t seem to stand for anything).