The top 1000 albums

You may have see the recent press coverage of the 1,000th No 1 album, achieved by Robbie Williams’ with Swings Both Ways.  But to celebrate this milestone the Official Charts Company published a list of all 1,000 No 1 albums. For anyone born after 1955, when the charts began, looking up the albums from your formative years will take you back to times fondly remembered (or best forgotten).

In my case I was there during one of the most extraordinary periods:

13-11-27 The Beatles V5

Or to quote from an article by Peter Robinson in The Guardian:

“Between May 1963 and April 1965 the only No 1 albums were by the Beatles, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. This run was broken by Bob Dylon, who was then knocked off No 1 by Bob Dylan. Three months later, the Beatles were back at No 1, unseated by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and then the Beatles”.